Schools & Daycares in the Jackson, WY Area

Whether you have children or are considering having children down the road, it may be helpful to know a bit more about the schools in the area. Even if children aren’t in sight for you, schooling options do have an affect on your property values.

Luckily, the schooling options in our area are all pretty solid! Whichever category you fall into, read on for a list of public and private schools in the areas surrounding Jackson – Teton County, ID, Teton County, WY and Lincoln County, WY. 



Public Schools in Teton County, WY 

Teton County School District – 

Elementary (K-5) 

  • Alta Elementary, Alta
  • Colter Elementary, Jackson
  • Jackson Elementary, Jackson
  • Kelly Elementary, Kelly
  • Moran Elementary, Jackson 
  • Munger Mountain Elementary, Jackson
  • Wilson Elementary, Wilson 

Middle (6-8

  • Jackson Hole Middle School, Jackson 

High School (9-12) 

  • Jackson Hole High School, Jackson
  • Summit Innovations School, Jackson 

Private Schools in Teton County, WY 

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